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Our Coffee Beans


Welcome to Roastika Coffee, your online source for the best coffee beans worldwide. Explore our limited-edition coffee collection and find your favorite beans today.

Our green coffee beans are meticulously sourced from the world's finest coffee-growing regions, where ideal climate and soil conditions nurture these gems of perfection. Crafted with absolute passion for perfection, our coffee beans go through a careful process from select sourcing to small-batch roasting.

Each cup is a harmony of delicious flavors, a fragrant joy, and proof of our devotion to the art of coffee. Enjoy the finest coffee, roasted just right, and make your daily coffee experience extraordinary with Roastika.

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About Us

With a legacy passed from a father to his daughter, we've devoted our lives to the intricate craft of coffee cultivation and brewing. Our pride swells as we nurture the finest coffee beans, embarking on a journey from bean to cup, fueled by our profound love for coffee. Rooted in a family coffee legacy, the story began in 1982 with my father's thriving coffee roastery. On his trusty motorbike, he rode everywhere to source green coffee beans, meticulously learning the art of bean processing, personally inspecting each batch, and dedicating years to perfecting his unique roasting method. Growing up amidst the potent aroma of a wood-fired coffee roaster, I became acquainted with the earthy scent of smoke and the heavenly fragrance of freshly roasted coffee. I unknowingly learned everything my father would do to roast his coffee. Today, my husband and I proudly continue this tradition, aspiring to elevate our family's legacy by offering freshly roasted and green coffee beans. 
We carefully select our coffee beans from the world's finest coffee-growing regions, where ideal climate and soil conditions nurture these gems of perfection. Our sourcing process involves meticulous selection from farms, co-ops, and brokers to ensure the highest quality beans. Our top priority is getting the highest-grade coffee there is, closely followed by an aim to keep costs low to benefit our customers. Moreover, we've seamlessly integrated my father's multiyear of research and experience with modern technology, for our mission is straightforward: to craft the perfect cup of American coffee. Through advanced roasting and brewing techniques and a meticulous eye for quality, we have curated a blend that captures the renowned rich, balanced flavors everyone loves. It brings us immense joy to share this exceptional taste with all coffee enthusiasts in America.

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